Meet Dr. Lisa Parsons, DO

Fun Facts

Favorite dog: bulldog
Favorite car: Volkswagen Beatle or Bus
Favorite color: aquamarine
Favorite flower: Sunflower
Favorite scent: sea rose
Favorite music: Anything from the 80s
Pet peeve: aggressive drivers, otherwise known as “jerks”
Supports: lifting women up in sisterhood,
education, kindness, loyalty
Most unique travel destination to date: The Soviet Union, shortly after Chernobyl. Witnessed Lenin’s tomb in the Red Square.
Favorite Destination: Close tie – Italy & the Island of Dominica
Hope and dream: For us all to feel safe and secure
Hobbies: Certified Scuba Diver, travel, yoga, swimming in the ocean or being by water, being with friends and family


Dr. Lisa Parsons is a board certified ob-gyn. She received her undergraduate education at Skidmore College where she received a degree in biochemistry in addition to a wonderful liberal arts education. During her time at college her parents and brothers made the move from Guilford Connecticut to Maine. Loving the state of Maine, and loving her family, Lisa was happy to be accepted into the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in which she graduated in 2001. She completed her residency at Maine Medical Center in 2005 and was fortunate enough to work at All About Woman and Mercy Hospital until 2013 as a full-time ob-gyn working closely (and delivering) many in the Portland area community. Looking to spread her wings and try something new Lisa decided to split her time between teaching as the discipline chief and professor at the University of New England for the medical students, in addition to continuing her clinical skills as an ob-gyn as a laborist- nocturnist in the Lewiston area .

Wishing to continue to grow, and explore new opportunities, Lisa was lucky enough to find and collaborate with her partners at Mindful Roots.

In addition to medicine and teaching, Lisa is a certified scuba diver, lover of all things bulldog, and cares dearly for her friends and family.

Who is Lisa Parsons?

What do people say? I feel comfortable telling you my story, you make me feel heard, you make me feel safe…… I remember YOU

Top qualities- Loyalty, sticking to my moral compass, intuition, strong willed aka stubborn ( which can also be a curse), open to new experiences, ability to look outside the box, explorer and ability to look inside myself and say …what next? and then DO IT, kind heart – empathy x 1000

Not quite top qualities 🙂 self care ( working on it) , saying no ( working on it- getting better! ), Fixer of all things ( definitely getting better- some things are not fixable nor do I want to be in the middle of it! , can be inpatient, can swear in front ofchildren 🙂 , asking for help not my strong point ( improved!), I like to be right!